Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Old Wives Tails - SOS Anti Hair Loss Oil Treatment Review

Hello all, I haven't blogged for so long! Just been a bit busy with a new job and also went on holidays to Gran Caneria which by the way, if you haven't been yet and looking for a 101% chilled out relaxing holiday, then I suggest there, it was absolutely perfect.

Anyway back to this blog post, so you may of already noticed the words "Hair Loss," just to be clear this product isn't for hair loss, this is a treatment for people who suffer from a dry scalp, Old Wives Tails has designed a SOS treatment that will help moisturise and soften your scalp preventing hair loss. 

Directions are quite simple:
Massage over scalp and hair, leave in for an hour and lastly wash out with water and shampoo, then style normally.

However they suggest for best results to leave the treatment in your hair overnight before washing out, however I didn't have enough time today so I quickly applied the product evenly through my hair and across my scalp and I just left it for an hour,  I used this hour to chill out, watch some 'Mr Selfridge' and painted my nails, haha.  Make sure you wrap your hair in a warm towel for better results.

The oil is quite runny so do be careful when applying! The smell is quite strong but not to over powering, smelt minty so when applied on scalp it felt instantly refreshing. 
After an hour, I washed my hair as per usual with my shampoo and warm water, one negative and probably the only negative issue I would raise is the fact that oil might be quite stubborn to get out so it took 3 washes before I felt the oil was completely washed out.

However, the results were great, my scalp felt refreshed and my hair looked a lot shiner, as soon as I dried my hair the results were definitely noticeable.

I think it will take a few washes before I can rate the product but based on first impressions I would most definitely be using this again to see further results.

I have only tried the SOS but 'Old Wives Tail' also offer repairing masks and other treatments for dry, frizzy, thick hair etc, definitely go check them out over at www.oldwivestail.com and see what other products they offer that may suit your hair type! 

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