Sunday, 29 June 2014


Hello Hello readers!
Today I am literally going to the quickest post ever, busy bee lately... quick update on my life. As you are all aware I quit my job back a few months ago and set off to Hong Kong for 5 weeks with my dad for a few reasons, one to keep dad company, two to visit my sister who at the time was living out there, and three just to clear my head and have a breather away from reality. During my time in HK, it was fab but it was definitely time to come home and face the truth and to create the next chapter of my life and ensuring it would be a positive one!

So since coming back to HK, what have I done? firstly I HATE to admit this but I had gained a ridiculous amount of weight during my travels so I started a healthy balanced diet with 'Herbalife' which if you are looking to start this, my personal opinion, is that its great, easy to follow and great distributors to help you along the way! I been on 'Herbalife for about 7-8 weeks now and have lost approximately 12lbs... Just another 12 to go lol, good luck to me.

I also landed a great job, I only started this week but I am now a Field VM and currently training between Cardiff and London for the next 5-6 weeks... so far its been a massive challenge as I'm not a very confident driver but I have managed to drive from London back to Wales, quite proud of that!

That's it, that's life to date.
Back to this OOTD...

Today I am wearing:
Top // Urban Outfitters
Inside vest // Forever 21
Trousers // Topshop
Bag // Therapy at House of Fraser
Trainers // Nike Air Max 1
Necklace // Vivienne Westwood
Bangle // Chapel

Okay, first I admit I am no girl into sports. In fact I hardly care about it, ok fine, I don't care about it... but doesn't mean I can't like sport fashion looks though right? So as "Sports Luxe" is currently in, and theres lots of sports happening right now in the world I thought I would create my own little sporty look...

Teamed up a simple loose sleeve vest top with these joggers, to give a girly but still sporty I wore a floral crop underneath. As it's sports theme, I went for my Nike Air max and completing the look with accessories I decided to go for a vintage feel bag to create some personality my favourite jewellery piece, my necklace.

I admit, I have been living in these trainers, they practically go with everything and hey are super comfy! I am definitely going to invest in more colours! Definitely shoes of the month for me!

My necklace... oh how I love her. I'm not much of a designer girl but I can't help but fall in love with Vivienne Westwood designs, she is actually incredible, might be a little on the weird/strange side but I cannot fault her uniqueness. I love her, and I LOVE my necklace... May of spent a little more than I usually would on a necklace but I don't care, its beautiful. So, yes we established, I love VW.

Make up wise, I went for the typical black liner red lips look, as I always feel a bit more energetic when I do this look, something about red lips that makes me feel a bit more "lively". My hair, not going to lie, I curled my hair the day before with tongs and when the next day the curls looks a bit more natural and flowly so I didn't have to re-style.

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