Thursday, 5 June 2014

Lash Away - False Eyelashes Review

Now that summer is creeping I love a bit of pampering and love to feel good and enjoy the sun. Perfect timing for a company called 'TMART' to contact me asking me to review these false lashes. Tmart is pretty much an online shop which offers you everything. From beauty to fashion pieces all the way through to electronics and much more. Browsing through their site, I think everything is very reasonable priced so go check them out!

So back to my review... At first glance I thought "woah" those eyelashes are super heavy but after gluing them on I started to enjoy the fact my natural 5mm eyelashes has now tripled, lol.
Although these eyelashes are heavier than one's I usually go for, I definitely will still wear these, especially on a night out with the girls. I'm not sure about you girls, but when I have eyelashes on I somehow feel a little more confident, don't really know why.

Make sure you cut your eyelashes to size girls, if not the sides can end up poking you in the corners of your eyes and they become really uncomfortable! As long as you apply them properly you shouldn't have much of an issue! These ones from Tmart come very cheap in fact cheaper than cheap, these were £8.45 for 70 pairs! I will leave a link below of the exact style I have but do have a good browse on there as they offer a huge range of different styles!
These were super easy to apply, and the quality was good! If you fancy, you can apply a touch of mascara! I only applied a small amount because these were volumed enough as they were!

These didn't come with a glue but even if they did, I always use either Eylure glue or like I have done for this particular post Eyelene, Lash Studio lash Adhesive. I got this from Asda for £2.98 again ridiculously cheap and it will last you forever, the glue comes out pretty runny but dries super quick!

Direct Links to products:
Eye Lashes 
Eye Lash Adhesive 

TIP: A lot of people laugh at me but I honestly find this MUCH easier... After you apply a thin layer of glue onto the false eyelash strip, get a hairdryer on its lowest power and literally hover it over the false lash for 5-10 seconds, I find when the glue is slightly heated it sticks a hell of a lot easier! Try it, let me know how you get on!  

For the rest of this look I used:
Etude House BB cream // No.24
Sleek eyebrow Kit // Dark 818
Rimmel Glam' Eyes // Black
Urban Decay 24/7 glide on pencil // Rockstar
Edude House Soft Touch Lip Pencil // 7502
MAC Mineralize Skin Finish // Dark

That's all folks! Hope you enjoyed reading! 

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  1. Oh my, 70 pairs for £8.45 WOW! I need some of these! I'm going to defo look for these next time I'm out. They look perfect for a special occasion :) Great review hun

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