Friday, 6 June 2014

Etude House BB Cream Review

Happy Friday everyone! What have you all got planned this weekend?

Well as I have been slacking on the beauty side of things on my blog and with the lovely bright day light beaming through my room, I jumped to the chance to blog about the BB cream I have been using for the past 2 years. 

Many of my friends and a lot of you bloggers on Sunday #bbloggers chat seems to be really interested in what are the best foundations. Well I thought I share with you all my little treasure...

Firstly I wanted to show you why I personally choose to wear foundation and talk a bit about my skin which pictures can't really demonstrate as well. I actually suffer from eczema and very minor psoriasis which causes my skin to be dry at times and also very sensitive, especially when I am having a "bad skin day" these days tend to appear every few weeks where my face will dry up quite badly! So although in the bare faced pictures below my skin looks fine I think every girl have their likes and dislikes about themselves so I have highlighted the parts where I feel I would like to cover up...

2 years ago I got introduced to 'Etude House' by lovely beauty blogger KakaBeautyblog, which also happens to be my sister lol. She was more interested in the face masks, lipsticks and eyeshadows, etc...
but when I went to visit the store in HK the first thing that caught my eye was this BB cream. 
Since BB cream was introduced by Korea I always preferred it over foundation. Although BB cream is just as thick as foundation and the coverage I believe is better, I honestly feel on my face it feels a ton lighter and also my skin is able to breathe through it!

Okay, it was really hard trying to capture a decent half face before and after, but I did try my best to demonstrate to you the before and after... In the photo above, if you look closer at the parts I previously highlighted, with just a small amount of Etude House BB cream I have managed to cover up a great percentage of the bags and darkness! 
If you're struggling to the the difference in the above pic please scroll for more before and afters.

My circles are my main hate so I concentrate a little more on these by using concealer and gently dabbing it in, then adding another thin later of BB cream.

REMEMBER: blend into the neck... it't not a good look when your face and neck is 2 different shades!

I can't really big up this product anymore than I have really. I don't think I will ever go back to foundation, I love this product so much, I think it must get my vote for product of the year!  
I was lucky that I was visiting Hong Kong at the time so managed to purchase in store but if you are interested in buying this product then I have had a look online to see where you can purchase and provided a link below! Please let me know if you decide to try it out! 

So to complete the look I have simply just drawn over my eyebrows making them more defined and dark, used a blushed brush and added on some cheek colour, brushed over nose, forehead and chin with a bronzer and last but not least applied a simple natural pink to the lips.

Products I used for this post:

Etude House BB Cream // No. W24
Lush Colour Supplement (as concealer) // Light Pink
MAC Mineralize Skin Finish // Dark
Lily & LoLo Mineral Bronzer // Waikiki
Kiko Lipstick // 517 Neon Pink

Thanks for reading girls and maybe boys!


  1. Nice review! :)

    Not a huge fan of this BB cream myself just because I can't find a good colour match and the consistency is a bit thick for me.

    Your skin is pretty much perfect anyway and don't really need too much coverage ;)

  2. Very nice review! Never owned a BB cream, but I think I should give it a try!

  3. Loving the review, I haven't been into BB creams since last year but this looks worth it :) I also love your sisters blog. Both very gorgeous girls :)

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