Sunday, 6 April 2014

Hong Kong!

Hello all!

Ahhhh I have been here in HK for 2 weeks now, 3 more weeks to go... So sorry I haven't blogged...  No excuses...  I have been too busy, having fun, enjoying my time here, relaxing, being lazy, eating, shopping, seeing family etc etc. I haven't even taken any photos of my outfits what so ever... I do apologise but truth is here in HK, firstly its so hot and humid here, I quite frankly don't care so much what I wear... I know I know, fashion blogger and I just said what I said... DILEMMA! haha, when the weather is like this I get so hot and bothered, and when I feel so flustered I just CBA. I guess sometimes when I know the day is going to be alot alot of walking, sweating, being smacked by a million of RUDE ass china people which by the way LOVE to not say sorry and just completely blank the fact they had just rammed their suitcase full of crap into your leg, I just want to be in comfy sweats! To be honest its SO busy here, no-one pays attention to anyone here, everyone seems to be in their own little mad rush world just wanting to get to A-B no fuss.
Secondly, like I said it's so busy here the last thing I want to do pull out my tripod and camera to take selfies and block the traffic.

So this blog post I guess is to update you on "What I did, What I ate, What I bought" rather than a "What I wore" like my usual posts!

Instead of rambling on and on I shall just post a few piccys up. So guys... this have been the highlights of my past 2 weeks! I'm sure there will be more to come so keep posted!

Me and Dad setting off to HK - London Heathrow
My goodies so far! 
I did I did, I bought one! Fujifilm Instax mini 8 Polaroid Camera

More goodies!
許留山 (Hui Lau Shan) - so yummy

Ladies Market - Mongkok

Ladies Market - Mongkok

Kaka & Me - Shatin
Ladies Market - Mongkok

Toast Box - Mongkok

 好好 (Ho Ho Congee and Noodles) - Tai Wo

KaKa & Me - Tai Wo

Hazelnut Pillow Dessert - Pokka Cafe Shatin


Fa Yuen Street - Mongkok

H&M Styling - Shatin

Cafe de coral - Tai Wo

Racecourse - Shatin

Family business, Chinese Chemist - Tai Po


Fruit Market - Tai Po 
Shop N' Park Supermarket

Tribute to my beautiful Mama on Mother's Day - TST Aqua

Gin and Tonic, Cheers to Ma - TST Aqua

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  1. Aw, I'm gutted this post ended, I wasn enjoying it :(
    I loved everything, I'm a new follower hun and them bows are super cute!
    & the picture of yourself + your dad is just soo cute :)
    It seemed like you enjoyed your mini break :P

    lots of love
    Sensitive Epidermis | Rainbow