Saturday, 22 March 2014

It's all about black and white.

Today I am wearing:

Blazer // H&M
Vest // Boutique in HK
Leggings // H&M
Trainers // H&M
Clutch // Religion
Sunglasses // Zara
Ring // Select
Nail polish // Ciate shade 'Pillow Fight'

Hey guys and gals, decided to show off my new goodies today. (to keep updated with my newbies, please follow on instagram 'LeaLeaHo' it's so much easier and faster to snap a picture and upload before posting on here.)
Ahh guess how much I paid for my blazer? £7! Didn't even realise it was in the sale until after I tried it on and fell in love, then when I saw the price I fell in love a little more. Go grab yourself one! should still be plenty left as I only bought it 2 days ago.
For the bottom half I went for leggings but wanted a bit of detailing so chose my leather knee cap leggings and with a new pair of black trainers I wanted a 'sleek' but 'cool' look so kept with the black and white theme. Trainers have a slight heel which is perfect for short asses like me!

The bag... I adore this bag, if you been following my blog or read my profile on the left, you would know that I have a weird loving for crowns, studs and skulls... I don't actually know why but any fashion piece or even home ware that has skulls or studs I usually love it... So when I saw this bag I'm pretty sure I got ridiculously excited, black clutch, skeleton WITH a crown, with studded pattern on the side. Well... I say no more.


  1. I LOVE this outfit. Particularly the leggings. I can't believe how cheap the blazer is, I'm going to hunt it down tomorrow!


  2. Getting prettier by the days!!!

  3. Hi Lea,

    You look amazing! I still love the design you did for my blog, thanks so much! The design on your own blog is looking very cool. I hope you're well! I've followed you on instagram as well. xxx

    I left my heart in Miami