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Happy Mother's Day - My 'Inspired by Mum' Mother's day Blogger Challenge hosted by House of Fraser

Hello readers, last week I got contacted by the lovely House of Fraser team asking me if I was interested in taking part of their 'Inspired by Mum' blogger's day challenge. My phone beeped with the 'new email' alert and as the subject 'inspired by mum' stared at me I already felt a lump in my throat as I knew this would be related to Mother's Day. As you regular readers can imagine this day isn't ever going to be easy however I must say by the time 30th March creeps along, I will be in HK reunited with my lovely sister and maybe we can do something in loving memory to mum... (Kaka if your reading... Gin and Tonic?)

With some thought I decided to take part in this challenge, my reasons being simple. Firstly, I love writing about my ma, I feel it's kind of a way for me to show her off to world, let everyone know how ridiculously proud I am to be her daughter and secondly just because she's no longer with us I didn't want this to affect or change things, I still want to celebrate this day as a memory of how uber duber awesome she was *thumbs up*

The Challenge 
For the chance to win £100 of house of Fraser vouchers you have to create a 'inspired by mum' look, the look could recreate an old photo of your mum, incorporate an item of clothing or accessory inherited from mum, or simply be a look inspired by your mum's signature style.
All you need to do is follow these simple steps:
1. Style a look “inspired by Mum” – it could be a full outfit or a beauty look
2. Take a photo of you styled with this look and post it on your blog
3. In the blog post, you will need to tell us which item for House of Fraser would ‘complete’ your look – it could be an item ofclothing, accessory, or beauty item
4. Leave a comment below with a link to your post so we can take a look
5. Check back to see if we choose you as our favourite!
The competition closes on Wednesday the 2nd of April at midnight and the winner will be contacted via e-mail no later than 7 days after the competition closes.

For full Terms & Conditions please visit here.
My Entry
Some of you may be aware that a few months back, I have already once published a post almost identical to this, if not you can visit here
For this challenge instead of repeating one of my previous 'inspired by mum' looks I decided to go through her old photographs and pick out a different outfit to replicate.

This is the outfit I picked...  why? I love this photo of her. She looks so young and with hardly any make up on, possibly even none she looks so naturally stunning and I have no idea where the photo was taken but it looks beautiful. The kiddo next to her would be my uncle (Mums younger brother).

Ok before I carry on, firstly I must say posing does not come as natural to me as it did to Mum, she was queen of posing (well... queen of everything really) but going back to my point, posing - I have many photos to prove this! So my pictures will never ever compare to mum's, I hold my hands up as high as I can and definitely admit defeat when it comes to posing and natural beauty..! She's a winner.

I have tried my best to replicate Mum's look. 
I wore:
Shirt // Topshop
Skort // Topshop
Bag // Chiltern from Ebay
Shoes // Asda George

Looking at not just this particular photo of mum's but most her photos she never used to wear much make-up and I can totally see why - she simply didn't really need it and she only wore what she did wear because all us girls enjoy a bit of a pamper whether we need it or not. I most definitely could not go make-up free, I did try to keep it to a minimal though with just a touch of foundation and some eyebrow pencil to try and get the look and feel of mum's style.

I tied my hair back and loosened the bobble hoping to get the "short" hair look as mum never had long hair, she used to actually always say she wanted to grow it but within months she would cut it short again, don't think I have ever seen mum with her hair longer than chin length so I thought this was the best way to capture mums look.

When I saw the bag ma was using with her outfit I instantly sparked which bag of mine I would use for my version... pretty similar hey?

As I didn't own a pair of shoes similar to what mum wore I felt my item to 'complete the look would be a pair of sandals. 
I chose from the House of Fraser Website - 'Aldo Rensa Flat Strap Sandal' £45. I saw these and they stood out to me straight away, they kind of cross between girly sandals and gladiator shoes don't you think? either way I love them, I think they would be great with this outfit as well as many others, pretty much go with anything in my opinion.

Well above is all mums version... I decided to add a little 'LeaLea' touch. Still inspired by mum's outfit I haven't removed any part of her inspiration apart from buttoned up my shirt to the top, added a leather jacket to keep warm, for some reason I find hand held bags a little more mature looking? is that just me? anyway to look more casual I decided to use the shoulder strap and lastly I let my hair down as I don't think that particular short style suits me!

and... now very very lastly, I wanted to say
Happy Mother's day Mum, I love you and miss you more than you could ever imagine, and even though you are not here with us, I hope you can see and know that we are always thinking of you, mothers day or not.

Here is a video I filmed and edited Mother's day 2013, isn't she adorable? - In loving memory, Kiu Ho - Rest in Peace.

Love Forever 


  1. I love this post! It's so sweet! You did an awesome job with finding the outfit! Haha looking more n more like mum these Days!

    Oh and btw! A big fat thumbs up to Gin and Tonic! :)


  2. Funny how button down shirts and skorts have come full circle since the original photo!
    Lovely ode to your mum :)

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