Sunday, 19 January 2014

Little red riding hood

Coat // Topshop << NOW SALE
Stripe shirt // Select
Grey & red tartan sweater // Unknown (sisters wardrobe?) 
MOM fit jeans // Topshop
Boots // Topshop << NOW SALE
Necklace // Newlook << NOW SALE
Ring // Select << NOW SALE

Hey, I am trying my hardest to get back into my blogging... Promise I will try keep it up and not neglect my blog for so long again! 

Back to this OOTD, What you guys think of the newest member of my wardrobe? My coat... she's a beauty! Can't believe I actually hesitated just before buying her! No remorse what so ever, for just £35 it's amazing! There are a few colours available and i am definitely debating on buying the maroon too, I love the 'boyfriend' fit, it's super warm and it's surprisingly extremely light! 
As it's Sunday - chill out day I wanted to put together a 'relaxed' look so I teamed my new coat with some MOM fit acid wash jeans. Of course I had to throw in some pattern so using one of my favourite looks I threw on a stripy shirt underneath what looks like a plain sweater from the front, but from the back it's more and more print... 

As for my boots... be prepared to see these featured in a lot more of my OOTD, they go with absolutely everything! and may I add because of the balance of the heel and the front of the shoe it makes it incredibly comfortable to walk in, I actually shopped in them for more than 6 hours... and I don't know about you girls but thats a record for me in heels! 

To finish the outfit I added a chunky necklace and I felt like a bit of silver/gold mix and match today so I put on a chunky ring to add some personality.

Lastly completing the look I had to choose a red lipstick (YSL Rouge Pur Couture - shade 03) to match the coat ;)

Hope you all like.

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