Friday, 14 June 2013

Why I Love my iPhone...

...because I can get cool tools for my phone 
My latest love: JELLY LENS

I have recently got my hands on these amazing little tools called "Jelly Lens" Simply stick the jelly lens which is already sticky to my iphone 5 and away you go!
The three I have here are Wide Angle, Starburst and 6 Image Mirage... 
Check it out!




...because I get to dress it up like this... 
My current favourite case: BUNNY EARS

Where to buy:
Blue bunny ears from Ebay
Clear pattern case from Ebay
Pink owl from Hong Kong Lady Street Market
Pink plain from Hong Kong Lady Street market

...because I get to:
Buy all my favourite songs and instantly have them on my phone
Get cute funny texts of my best mates
Get Awesome apps to make my life easier
Play addictive games and bug people on Facebook for more lives
Use a super cute screensaver and see my mum every time I use my phone
Take a million photos and capture every funny, cute, memorable moment

So What phone do you have? and why?


  1. Aw love that pink Owl case! I have an iPhone too...other smartphones just don't compare and i don't understand why some people opt for them!

    Gonna have to check out them Jelly Lenses too :) Great post! xx

  2. I have an iPhone and love it! Those jelly lenses look fab!
    Kirsty x