Thursday, 13 June 2013

Purple Kisses

I notice on bloggers chat alot of people are talking about purple lips and trying to find the perfect purple shade for themselves. I had the same problem! Loving purple but I find a lot of purpley colours made me look washed out... Finally found my purple and wanted to share with all you lipstick addicts like myself!

Perfect lipstick, and probably one of a very few I rate 10/10. It's actual perfection, cant fault anything really. The texture was very moisturising and I didn't find it dried out my lips at all which I seem to get with other brands. The colour was bold, dominate and 'just right'. Very easy to apply, glided on perfectly and I honestly havent seen another brand collection that has a colour like this one! I love it and so glad I purchased it! I bought this from Hong Kong stockist and paid $180HKD so that works out to be around £15? Trust me, you won't regret it!

I remember in my teenage years they sold 'Make Up Forever' in Boots... I tried a few eyeshadows, eyeliners, fell in love with the brand then it disappeared on the face of earth... noooo! that always happens doesn't it? Find the perfect shade then it gets discontinued.

Like I mentioned I bought this when I was in Hong Kong a few months back but they still stock 'Make Up Forever' in London. Take a peep on the websites to find out their stockist :)

Thank you Make Up Forever for designing and making my perfect lipstick!


  1. Amazing shade! It really suits you!

    Emma x

  2. That looks like a really gorgeous, non-drying shade of plum - better than REBEL! :)

  3. The lipstick looks gorgeous on you :) I absolutely love your blog too (and you have an awesome header). I found you via the #bbloggers chat xx

    Angelica [One Little Vice]

  4. This colour looks lovely on you, really suits your skintone.

    I am not a fan of buying make up online unless I have already tried it but will try and find a stockist of this brand in the UK :)