Monday, 22 April 2013

Skullcandy Navigator Headphone

Hi guys!
My last post before I head to Hong Kong and today I would love to share with you... My New Headphones!! Check them out! Skullcandy Navigator... ahh pure perfection...

So been looking to do a music related post a while! My blog started as a fashion blog and slowly it started to become fashion/beauty/lifestyle/design collaborated haha! I hope you all still enjoy the reads!

So back to these super sleek and stylish headphones...
As someone who loves fashion, beauty and accessories the first that drew me into the  ' Navigator' was the design. Skullcandy obviously recognises the design/style is just as important as the performance so they came up with what I can only describe as a piece of genius!
In my personal opinion, the design is spot on. Comes in four colours, black, white, blue or pink, all which looks fabulous! So difficult picking my favourite, love them all!
The metallic feel of the headphones gives a very slick glossy glam feeling! I love love love it.

The design is very compact and with the cushioned headband its super comfortable... Not sure about you guys but I have a small head so I always struggle to find a set of headphones that sit on my head nicely with the ear pieces sitting where they are suppose to sit!

So my itunes is full of all kinds of music, from pop, indie, alternative, house, RnB through to hiphop and the headphones deliver such awesome supreme sounds makes me want to dance (well I say dance, but what I really mean is prance like an idiot) haha!

So if you're on a hunt for a new set of versatile headphones that look sleek, streamlined, stylish and fashionable that also deliver excellent sound then look no further! Purchase these! For £84.99 I really think its worth it!

Right guys and gals!!! I am off to Hong Kong! whoop whoop whoop! I shall rock these Skullcandy Navigator Headphones throughout my journey and look 'super cool' haha... I am posting this now but keep posted and I shall update a pic of me with the headphones at London Heathrow! ha stay 'tuned'

Peace x

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  1. Hmm I've been looking for some new headphones as well. I might have to look into these. Nice post!