Saturday, 16 March 2013


Hey readers! what you all think of caps?

I love them ha although never ever thought they suited me also I can't help to HATE the way asians in HK wear these caps... they literally balance them on their head which frustrates me SO MUCH... kinda puts me off.

However saw this super bright blue cap with RUDE across it, I love... If you are a regular reader you may have started to notice I speak my mind which sometimes come across as 'rude' ha please dont take offence! Just a bit of banter! I never ever mean to be nasty just a little harsh at times ha....

My sister KAKA saw me trying this on and said NO. Ha, she a true hater of caps wouldn't allow me to buy so I sadly put the cap down. However the following week, my super cool sis went out with her mates and bought it as a gift for me whhhoooo she loves me so... she does she does no matter how mch she denies it!

Speaking of which me and KAKA are hoping to very soon launch a feature every 2 weeks called "sister rivalry" where we will both agree on a topic and go and explore in our own way of this topic... For example, "easter nails" best post wins!

Keep Posted!



  1. i love caps but never had the chance to wear them

    xo Sarvin

  2. The cap looks really cool, I want one! xx :)


  3. I think it looks AWESOME. I wouldn't wear it in HK though - I know exactly what you mean!

    Love Zoe x