Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Rosita Bonita PLEASE VOTE


Hello there!
I have an important message/favour to ask all my lovely readers...

Remember a while back I posted about a jewellery designer called 'Rosita Bonita' (please click to visit)
Well she has recently been taking part in a competition and needs our votes!
Plus if you do so you have a chance of winning lovely piece yourself!

LAST 24 HOURS OF voting! Please vote by 4pm Tuesday 26 March

SIMPLY click this link HERE (will take you virtually 2 seconds & opens in new window)

3 lucky voters will be picked at random to win a piece of you choice!!
If you all vote, drop her a message over at Facebook share the "vote me" graphic on your own wall for your chance to win a piece yourself! (I have a piece and seriously get compliments all the time, its amazing and its so unique... Go visit her site if this sounds even slightly interesting.... You won't regret *wink*)

From carrying out the placement with her I can hand on heart say she's genuinely an amazing person and deserves to win this! We see great brands and I don't know about you but I always wonder who the person is behind it... Rosita Bonita is a down to earth, beautiful awesome designer just like her bespoke jewellery pieces! FABULOUS!

Please vote... would mean the world to me and especially Rosita....

Much Love

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