Wednesday, 27 February 2013

The perfect gift...

Bg of happiness

I met up with a very good friend of mine a few weeks back and been meaning to write this post for a while...

The sweetie had got me something called 'the bag of happiness'... Incredibly cute and most definitely one of the sweetest gifts I had ever had... and when I'm feeling a tad blue, this always put a smile back on my face...

The bag of happiness contains a...
PLASTER - to heal you when you hurt
LOVE HEART - so you know someone loves you
STRING - to hold it together in tough times
PEBBLE - so you always remain grounded
RUBBER - to erase those little mistakes you make
DIAMOND - to bring a sparkle to your eye
MARBLE - for when you start losing yours
LUCKY BEAN - so you always have luck on your side
COIN - so you are never completely broke
STAR - to wish all your wishes upon
PAPERCLIP - so you are always organised
KISS - for when you are feeling down

I love you Ems...

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