Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Side fringe, Full Fringe or no Fringe at all?

Hello readers! help!!

After all the abuse I have given my hair, bleaching, dying it over and over, I decided to get it into better condition by spending the last 2 years growing and trimming the dye off as I go along... I have about 3 inches left of hair dye left at the ends and on my next trip to the salon it shall all be gone gone gone... (although I have had recent thoughts to dip dye my ends purple! haha but in my defence, when I get bored of that I can just whack all that colour off because it's at the ends... :D )

These are all my previous hairstyles in the past 2 years... What do you girls/guys think? Shall I go for a full or side fringe or stick to no fringe at all?
I don't want to cut my hair short just yet as I spent so long growing it! Maybe when I get bored of long hair I shall cut it short again...

These are 3 fringe styles which I quite like... what do you guys vote?

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