Thursday, 14 February 2013

Mavala Nail Art

A very quick post to show you my most recent nails! 
I borrowed some new polishes off as many of you may know my sister,  KAKA and decided to whack out some Abstract nails! 

The majority of the polishes I used was by Mavala Polishes - Check out their website! I must say the texture of these polishes are FAB! They glide on perfectly, great brush and polishes dries with an awesome shine and smooth finish! 
LeaLea definitely loves! 

Hope you all like and I can inspire some of you! Please share your wicked nails @LeaLeaHo ;)


  1. Really pretty nail art!

  2. Mavala is one of the design of nail art.And this is famous kinds of nail art.It's so gorgeous also.