Friday, 18 January 2013


So... if you read my previous post, I mentioned I recently moved into a new bedroom and looking to revamp my wardrobe as well as my room!

So I have been browsing online for some ideas... and I just couldn't decide what colour theme & what style room, do I want vintage? rock chick? fashionable? modern? quirky? I wanted all of them so I think ahh sod it, lets make it a collaboration of it all and use bright multi colours... Just like my blog!

Do you guys remember the post I wrote a few months back about my internship in London where I got the opportunity to work and assist on a project for Selfridges London Beauty Workshop window displays? If you not seen this, please go HERE and see the making process and the final windows.
Well, why I mentioned this is because I feel my room is a bit bland and want to make it stylish/creative and make people say WOW when they walk in. So I have recently been sketching and planning what to do with it. I am hoping to use my paper art skills and creating large paper sculptures around the room collaborating with some wicked wall pieces from my favourite home ware sellers including ACHICA, Habitat, Dunelm and I am always on the hunt for uniques independent boutiques like Nikki McWilliams to find those final touches!

Habitat and Dunelm are more well know but I recently strolled upon a website called ACHICA and it's amazing! If you haven't yet discovered the store then I really recommend them. I strolled upon their site for some ideas and inspiration. ACHICA homeware section has some great buys... my personal favourite, their art and design collection is superb.

So here of a few pieces and style I have in mind so far...

1. Marseille Cheval Mirror From ACHICA
2. Tunnock Caramel Wafer Cushion by Nikki McWiliams
3. Urban Art Framed Print 40 x 30cm From ACHICA (more colours available)
4. Gloss Round Candle in Cerise Pink From Habitat (more colours available)
5. White Rosalie Duvet Cover Set From Dunelm Mill
6. Replica Trophy Antlers From ACHICA
7. Silver Roma Damask Collection Duvet Set From Dunelm Mill
8. Beanbag in 'Lime' by Red Label from ACHICA (more colours available)
9. Cube in 'purple' by Red Label from ACHICA
10. Bellora Plain Pillowcase From ACHICA
11. Sausage Dog Microwaveable Warmer Cushion From Ebay
12. Bourbon Biscuit Cushion by Nikki McWiliams
13. Bear Cushion by Paul Farrell From ACHICA (more colours available)
14. Gloss Round Candle in Turquoise From Habitat (more colours available)
15. Chocolate Digestive Biscuit Cushion by Nikki McWiliams
16. Button Storage Box From Habitat (more colours available)

What you guys think of my wish list for my new bedroom? This is all just an idea and some inspiration for when I come to decorating maybe in the next few months when I get some more savings together.

Some things I felt needed mentioning...
I have fallen in love with that mirror from ACHICA. The bear cushion is pretty damn amaze too! and do I even need to express those beanbag chairs?? I think they sell themselves with no words needed to be said to be honest! again both from ACHICA...
How cool are those biscuit cushions?? Nikki McWilliams sell them on her online store and you should check out her other wicked items too!

Anyway... I really hope you like the style I am going to go for! Once my room is all completed I would love to share with you the process and final outcome so keep posted!


  1. Great home inspiration here lovely - I adore the caramel wafer cushion and the silver Roma duvet set, who'd of thought it'd be from Dunelm Mill.


  2. haha love all the biscuit cushions! :)

  3. im in love with your blog and design

  4. finally working, lol! love your blog and the design of it. where did you study graphic design? i'm starting a degree in it in september, can't wait!! xx

  5. Hey girly nice meeting you on twitter do you do all the graphics on this site? I look forward to your comments now that I am following! Please follow me as well

    1. Hello Samelia, thanks for your lovely comment :) Yes i do all te graphics myself... however product shots for wish lists are usually taken from the brands official website :)


  6. I love these kinds of posts, especially for bedrooms - I find them so interesting cause everyone has such different taste! Haha I love the biscuit cushion theme!