Wednesday, 16 January 2013


So this week I have been preparing my first wish list of 2013... 
As much as I would love to purchase ALL of the above, I'm not made of money but hey whats stopping a girl from sitting waiting wishing dreaming huh?

Avenue 32 is a luxury online store which sell a variety of designer brands.  I came across this site after hearing about these amazing POPLIN Pyjamas... for my regular readers you will understand my passion for one, sleeping and two, customising. So when I heard about the collaboration I had to check it out! How AWESOME is that? you get to design your own jim jams... pretty schweeeeeeet if you ask me! So after discovering this awesome find, I couldn't help but to browse the rest of the store and found some more stuff I would love to lay my hands on! 

1. Pyjamas by Poplin (available in in 3 different trims colour)
2. Knit Body Suit by Body Editions
3. Ella Bangle by Sarah Chloe - customisable piece! (available in 3 different colours)
4. Nuit 1 Black Body by Body Editions
5. Break Up 31 Minute Cosmetic Bag by Phillip Lim
6. Velvet Cubana Boots by Penelope Chilvers (available in 2 different colours)
7. White Leather Taylor Headphones by Frends (available in 3 different colours)
8. Gunmetal & Gold Mia Vega Ring by Bex Rox
9. Stud Chain Bracelet by Maria Francesca Pepe (available in 4 different colours)
10. Minx Tail Silk Scarf by Vassilisa (available in 3 different colours)
11. Pink Stripe Iris Pyjamas by Poplin

I adore all of the above! but a few notes I feel the need to add... 
Number 3's Customisable bangle is such a cute idea and obviously wonderful to own... hint hint if your reading J. 
Number 5's  Pop art being one of my favourite types of art so that make up bag is awesome. 
Numer 7's headphones - super cool.
Number 10's scarf - to me it looks like a monsters arm. I want. 

So if you like all the above then seriously go check out their website HERE. They have so much more stuff I would have added to my wish list but my page was getting filled up so I picked my favourites! 

What are your favourite pieces from my wish list?

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