Friday, 4 January 2013

BOOK wishlist!

Oooh my first 2013 post! Lets start this year with some books! haha... ok... Not quite like me to read but these books are all picture books (apart from SCHMIDT) but I am such a fan of 'New Girl' I would read just for Schmidt. Ha.
I love graphic/creative/art books, its just always nice to have to cheer you up as well as for inspiration in terms of design/layout and ideas are sparked by other great ideas!
Anyone have any of the books above? worth investing in?

Everything is Going to be Okay
I saw the 'Everything is going to be Okay' book at Urban Outfitters, it instantly caught my eye as I always tell myself "everything will be okay" every time I think things are going pots up. Education, finance, love relationships, heartbreaks... times where I think I want to just crawl up in bed and drink tea & eat chocolate all day... more often than not I'm right, things pan out and everything will always eventually be okay.
The book is full of beautiful quotes/graphics and photography which is a must have!

All my Friends are Dead & All my Friends are Still Dead
Well these books instantly caught my attention... haha its just funny. Simplicity goes along way... The inside is full of quirky illustrations check out a load of them HERE.

The Douche Journals SCHMIDT
Well I am a big fan of New Girl and had the boxset Season 1 for Christmas so it only makes sense to complete it with the book right? haha I LOVE Schmidt, hes actually hilarious... if you havent yet started to watch 'New Girl' then please do start! its AWESOME, you can watch all the episodes HERE on Cucirca.

How to Make Jewellery by Tatty Devine
Some of you make know, earlier on this year I carried out an internship with a lovely Jewellery/Accessory designer Rosita Bonita in London.
I love designing and making my own jewellery and accessories and I hope to one day start a little business myself so I would love to get my hands on this book pretty soon! For you who haven't yet heard of Tatty Devine, they are a fabulous jewellery designer and manufacturer since 1999, their jewellery pieces are all beautiful and I can only describe as unique, independent & quirky. Check it out! Also theres A 50% SALE right now!

'Everything is going to be Okay' - Anonymous
'All my Friends are Dead' - Avery Monsen & Jory John
'All my Friends are Still Dead' - Avery Monsen & Jory John
'The Douche Journals' - SCHMIDT
'How to make Jewellery' by Tatty Devine


  1. Hey great blog, it's super quirky I love it! I also really want to read the douche journals! hahaha I love schmidt too :D

    <3 your new follower,


  2. Great Post!

    I like them I will check them out on Amazon especially the jewelry book :)

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