Thursday, 17 January 2013


My Bank Fashion Wish List

Since starting this new year, all I find myself doing is shopping, browsing online and writing a million and one wish lists..! So why not create a blog post and share with you all.
I have recently moved into a new bedroom and I now have a built in wardrobe.. hallelujah! So I am now saving and planning everything I would love to go into my new cool ass wardrobe.

Today I am going to write about Bank. I recently strolled into their shop in Cardiff during the sales and I don't know why I don't go more often! the clothes were very reasonably priced so I went on their website and discovered there are like 1001 things I want.

I adore winter as I love my knits, scarves, hats etc but I've had enough now... I have been avoiding the outdoors, avoided going out because I can't bare the thought going out and walking through town at 3am in the freezing cold. So if you exist and are reading mr weather man, its time to heat it up and get the party started... because quite frankly I would like to get back into my going out gear and having a nice drink with the girls!

What you guys think of my wish list for bank Fashion? How incredible are those metallic trouser leggings??? I always feel when I go out I should wear shorts or skirts but to hell with that in the wind. These leggings would look awesome with the right top and a pair of killer heels! Speaking of which the black leather wet look effect shirt/top is pretty schweet huh? only £15! shall I?

Ok I get the wishlist contains about 50 pairs of shoes but I swear everytime I buy a new outfit, I seem to never have the right shoes to match. Well... saying that, once I had a fabulous pair of nude heels which went with everything but Thanks to my sister's (KAKABeautyBlog) stupid dog, she ate them for lunch. So in desperate need for a new pair... I found two stunning pairs of nude heels above both by Kitsch Couture! studded pair for £35 and the diamante pair for £19 not bad eh?

Doctor Martins... How cool. I love them but I can't decide firstly if I can pull them off and secondly what colour to get?? between blue, black, white or red? what you reckon?

If you ever read my 'my love for skulls and studs' post you will know that I have a very weak spot for studs, I always seem to buy a lot of studded clothes, bags, accessories, shoes etc. I adore the black studded shoe boots and the phone carrier. Perfection!


Help me! I can't buy EVERYTHING... so what pieces do you guys think are the best? and why?


  1. I love those blue docs! i thought dm's would look too clumpy and grungy on me but i was wrong!

    The Girl Who Looks Like a Cake

  2. Great post lovely, would love to see photos of your new room/wardrobe :)
    I am loving the pieces above especially the dog tooth oversized cardigan and studded heels x

    Eda ♥

  3. Bank has a great selection at the moment, love it!

  4. Oooh the heels in the last picture are lovely! Also love the Chelsea boots. Good for you you now have a built in wardrobe :) x

  5. Great wish list! I love the pumps in the last picture!

  6. Haha who doesn't want a lot of things?! Love a lot of it! Following now :)