Thursday, 20 December 2012


Dr Bronners Magic Lavender Liquid Soap

WOWZA... Todays Christmas Countdown gift is pretty damn awesome! As you all know I'm sucker when it comes to cool ass packaging so as soon as I opened todays box my eyes lit up with joy.

So I had 2 bottles of products from different brands, the first one by Dr Bronner. I never heard of this brand before but the packaging is so awesome, first purple is one of my favourite colours and also the typography filled bottle was eye catching and different to your standard product bottles.
So this is a liquid soap and on the bottle it reads 18 in 1 but it doesn't exactly say on the bottle what exacty does this "18-in-1" covers but I found this website which is extremely bizarre as it says that one of the uses is for garden use?? Can I really use something we can use in the garden on my body? LOL

But to hell with it, it smelt glorious of lavender, the bottle looks amazing and it read the word SOAP so I tried it... I poured a few drops into a hot running bath then later used it as a soap for the body ASWELL as a shampoo...

One word. Amazing. I came out super relaxed and smelt pretty damn good, if I don't say so myself! hahaha first, judging by the thinness of this liquid oil I thought it wouldn't lather well but to my surprise it worked well as a shampoo however I didn't feel it softened my hair so conditioner by a different brand was needed. As a bath product, it didn't create bubbles which is a bummer but hey why not add a few drops on top of some bubble bath... the smell was so strong it would still come through mixed in with another product! Exactly what I did anyway and thought it was fab. As a soap it did it's job, it rubbed well on my skin, it cleaned me and it smells great and made me feel super relaxed! BONUS. So thumbs up from me and its a fab gift as its aesthetically awesome.

Anatomicals Mango & Papaya Body Cleanser

This second bottle was FABULOUS too... Mango & Papaya Body Cleanser by Anatomicals. Eye catching for obvious reasons, the colours! Bright and the front was very simple and straight to the point, a body cleanser. Already enough for me to say WOW but then I flipped the bottle to the side and discovered "the sticker" HAHAHA bloody fantastic.
That sounds like something I would say too hahaha!

Ok, so having 2 similar products in one day I felt the need to use BOTH so I had a bath as well as a shower, after my bath, I had a shower and used Dr Bronner's Lavender Liquid Soap as a shower wash to wash my upper body and then used this Anatomicals body cleanser to wash my lower body! I think  as a body wash Anatomicals get my vote out of the 2 because it felt more like a body wash... Although Dr. Bronner's Magic Soap contains oil so I felt more moisturised using this product. But if I was voting on relaxation then with no competition Dr. Bronners Magic Soap wins. After using Dr. Bronners I felt so chilled and I must say despite of the freezing cold weather and the rain, I have been in a brilliant mood today... wonder if it was related?

Overall, both products are top notch and without a doubt I will return and purchase more products from both brands.

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  1. Anatomicals has let me down in the past but I think it was my self-hype expectations.
    Really fancy trying Dr. Bronners though :)