Wednesday, 19 December 2012



Hello all! sorry I missed the countdown post yesterday... 
I actually went Shopping to buy some last minute final touches to Christmas presents, and I ended up buying illamasqua make up for myself and a top from H&M.. oops

Anyhow back to the purpose of these posts...

 Today's present, woooohoo more earrings to go with my current collection, I personally dont think a girl can have too much jewellery or too much make up. Agreed? yes thought so.

Earrings, obviously from Forever 21 as in picture. Think my favourite stud is the vintage inspired flower bottom second from the left? I love mixing up the earrings I have in both ears... but how do some of you feel about having non matching earrings in? yay or nay? or does it feel "wrong?"


Like in the previous posts... if you are new and have no clue to what these posts are about please refer back to my first Christmas Countdown post HERE.

So yesterday's present was SOCKS! woooohhhh... I may have never mentioned I have a sock obsession? along with lip balm, earrings, skulls, lipsticks, brown paper... so on so forth, ha the list goes on forever when I think about it.

Loving the cutsie socks haha I think my favourite are the giraffe ones haha how about you?

Can't believe Crimbo is literally round the corner! I am still wondering if I want to dress up for christmas or scroll to my cousins in my onesie, What you guys reckon?? Bear in mind I will be entertaining 4 hyperactive kids and will be playing many games including Twister! decisions decisions, advice? 

Christmas hugs to you all...

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