Friday, 14 December 2012

12 days until Christmas! 1 present a day

What a sweetie... My sister Kaka (please click to visit her page) bought and beautifully wrapped 12 individual presents for me, 1 for every day up until Christmas!

We went shopping and she kept saying she needed some favour boxes for work, ha, I never even clicked to what she was doing... even when she kept trying to fob me off...

"do you want to go buy the rest of your presents?"
"nope kaka, I'll stay right here"

Haha whoops...

I opened my first present today and adore my new earrings! Beautiful!

Thanks KaKa!

Please stay posted for the next 11 days!


  1. how cute! I should do something like this! x

  2. Aww they all look so lovely! I hope you have fun opening them! It was fun getting it all toghether! Except the part where u wouldn't leave my side for two seconds whilst I was trying so stealthily to grab the last few bits for you lol! x

  3. this is such a super sweet thing to do! every single gift is amazing!and your very lucky, your sister has fabulous style. she should do a blog of her own heeheehee love u xx