Friday, 30 November 2012


Happy Birthday to me,
Happy Birthday to me,
Happy Birthday Dear LeaLea,
Happy Birthday to me!

How old?? 24. Yes I am now 24. Those of you who read my blog may not have realised I am 24... Well I wouldn't be surprised if you didn't anyway, considering I get ID'ed everywhere I go... even at the range when I wanted to purchase a pen hole puncher... I'm sure the girl that ID'ed me was younger than me too!

I have been SUPER DUPER lucky and spoilt girl this year... As a family we have been through quite a lot in the past few weeks/months, the worst few months of my life, so I am truly grateful to have such an amazing birthday this year. I would like to thank everyone who made this possible.

On 22nd I got taken to Brighton and had an incredible day. Anyone ever been to 'the Lanes'? Incredible cute, creative, quirky shops! Exactly my type of place! So many one off cafes, lunch bars, bakeries! Not to mention we went to visit Choccy Woccy Doodah! I bought my sister a chocolate tower which she wrote a very soppy post about, please visit KAKABEAUTYBLOG. Loved every minute of my day!

My second birthday celebration was on the Tuesday just gone and was with my incredible family. They planned a gathering at my cousin's house where we had a Chinese hotpot! Nom Nom Nom one of my all time favourites! Dumplings lots and lots of dumplings and noodles!

Spoilt ROTTEN by sister Kaka & Bill with 3 warm cosy knits,  bracelet from Freedom, NYC Lipbalm and the Michael Kors watch that has been on my wish list for like 3 years. Thank you and Love you both x

Thank you Lisa D. The sweetest and most thoughtful present..! almost brought a tear to my eye, love & miss you x

Love from TT. Adored all these presents, she knows me super well. Thanks sweetie <3 <3

Siani - my "twin" separated at birth... Love you millions and thanks for the perfect present. 

Love from Helen & Bob - Thanks and will definitely be piling this on this weekend! 

Love from Simon and his beautiful family, Ethan my super clever, creative, handsome second cousin wins my vote for favourite birthday card! Thanks to my robe! its actually like a blanket, perfect for sleepison me. 

Love from Julie and family - Thank you for my lovely bag! x

Lots of love from Jo, the most amazing banana loaf in history... LOVE the shoes, lov the penguins and will be sure to buy myself something beautiful from Swarovski, Thank you bew jer! 

Spoilt by Becky H, my sweetness sent me a parcel and surprised me with this amazing Dior set, perfect lipgloss for everyday and a mini perfume sample. Love. Thank you miss H.

Today is my birthday and I am actually working so no plans today however I have had thousands of fantastic presents as you can see! I definitely have been too spoilt this year! More presents to come, but I havent managed to take photos of all yet! so Keep posted and I share with you all on my next post x

Tomorrow night I am heading out for some drinks and a boogie with my best mates and hopefully my sister can make it to join us for a few drinks! I shall blog about my night out next week! Keep posted!


  1. Happy Birthday, hope you have had a lovely day. You got so many nice things! :)

  2. wow u def have been spoilt rotten! Bring on my birthday! :D heheheehehe

  3. Happy Birthday! Looks like you did well! I kind of just stumbled onto your blog. But it's my best friends birthday too so you are in good company!