Friday, 12 October 2012

LUSH Colour Supplement & Revlon Matte Lipstick Review.

My FIRST make up review post! So I have always suffered from dark panda eyes, and I have tried many concealers which all do the job but I've never ever been 100% happy with the results because of how dark and daunting my eyes look! until I discovered this...

I've been loving LUSH lately, its only been a recent thing, all since I walked into LUSH in London Stratford and discovered all the beauty products! Also where I found "Colour Supplement" a multi purpose base colour. One of my best make up purchases in history and for a very affordable price too, for £8.50 you get 20g, not bad at all considering I use a 2 tiny dots everyday, this will last me ages!

I asked the staff member to recommend a colour suitable for my skin tone and she kindly suggested "light pink" but LUSH has made this product in many different shades! so venture out there and grab yourself one, you wont regret it I promise.

Use this product as an under eye concealer, to cover blemishes or even a base under your foundation. I personally found this product a bit too thick to wear as a base under foundation but absolutely perfect for under eyes and covering my spots and blemishes!

Moving on, the lips! My daily look is usually simple black eyeliner and lipstick. It takes me about 10-15 minutes to get this look! Quick and easy!

I LOVE this lipstick, one of my all time favourite. I am a guilty one for having 1000 different shades of lipsticks and I love experimenting different textures and colours. 
I bought this lipstick a while back but it was from the 3 for 2 range at boots! Revlon Matte Lipsticks was approximately £7 - £8. Bargin!

I find every time I wear this particular shade I get most compliments. I adore the rich ruby colour and it is also my favourite texture, matte
I apply this with a lip brush to define around the lips then apply the stick directly onto my lips for a much darker shade
I find with other brands I sometimes find matte lipsticks leave my lips feeling and looking really dry. However with Revlon Matte, it gives me my favourite matte look but also enough moisture to keep my lips feeling comfortable!

Thank you! 



  1. That lippie looks so cute on you!

  2. I think you really don't need the supplement your skin is beautiful. But the lipstick looks amazing! I really want that colour!
    Erica xo Come see my vintage giveaway!

  3. I really like your makeup! ^^

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  4. love the dark red lips & winged eyeliner.. you look so pretty! .. xx

  5. The lipstick looks amazing! But you've got such a beautiful skin, I don't think you really need the foundation ;-) I wish I had those eyeliner skills though, haha.

    X Saskia

  6. Amazing! Follow me if you want!

  7. absolutely beautiful! xox

  8. This colour looks amazing on you!


  9. Wow - I love that Revlon lipstick I will have to try it :) xx