Monday, 29 October 2012

Ear Piece DIY.

I'm not sure how many of you's have the same problem as I do... Well a few years back, I bought from Hong Kong, a ear piece which was 2 studs with a  chain connecting the pair, and a cute crown dangling in between. (see photo amove.)

I love this style earring and always get asked where I bought it from...
Lately I've seen this style earring has hit some of my favourite UK retailers, such as ASOS, Topshop, Urban Outfitters, so on so forth...
The only different is the top part is always a cuff which is pants to me and others with the top ear already pierced. So heres a extremely simple DIY for you all how you can change the cuff for a pierced earring! Hope this helps!

Topshop Ear piece, originally £8.50, sale £4.25

You will need a pair of cutting pliers, a stud of the same colour of the ear piece.

First use the pliers and cut and remove the cuff.

Next take you stud and thread it through the loop (jump ring) of the chain.

Like this... but make sure your stud is bigger that the jump ring so the stud stops the jump ring from going straight past the stud! 

Then carefully put the earring through you top ear and when the back of the earring is on the chain is secure!

Have a go and tweet me the result! would love to check it out, @lealeaho

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  1. Great Post,I love ear cuffs and have been wanting to make my own for awhile:) Now I can ,Thanks
    XO Tatianna
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  3. Ooh very cool! DIY Ninja! :)