Sunday, 9 September 2012

Shopping with my beautiful mama

I went dress shopping with my mum for the 3rd time trying to hunt down a perfect dress for her to wear at my sisters wedding! Which is happening in less than 2 weeks!!! Eeeek lol
I have the worlds most fussy mum when it comes to clothing, hair & make-up etc..! but she always turns out looking the best in the whole room so it definitely goes to show!

Mum hasn't been very well and lost an awful lot of weight :(
Found a perfect dress but none in her size so we ordered online! Fingers crossed it will be in perfect condition!
I will post photos up in 2 weeks to show you all how beautiful she is :)
The photo below isn't the one she bought but also looked great and classy so we have a back up incase the online order doesn't fit!

So this is what I wore out...

Tee from River Island
Jacket from River Island
Trousers from Topshop
Trainers from ADIDAS

Also I LOVE caps but always been gutted that they never suit me :( they always too big but I tried this one on from H&M and really liked it! It was available in sizes! XS seemed to fit and I thought it didn't make me look like I have a wide head! What do you guys think? Hat? No hat? I won't be offered haha


  1. I love you cat-eye makeup!
    looks amazing!

    UK High Street Fashion & Style Blog

  2. I second, make up and outfit look pretty