Sunday, 30 September 2012

Make your bag the only one in the world - DIY style!

Hello! wow I have had a bit of a blog block but heres a recent little DIY I did and thought I'd share this idea with all of you which love to customise

This bag has always been tucked away in my draw and I hardly ever used it anymore but with a bit of retouching it feels like I have a new bag/purse! 

The bag was originally bought from a vintage boutique but you can get thousands of bags like this from charity shops! You will be surprised what cool old stuff you find in charity shops for literally pennies! Then buy a packet of studs on ebay for again 99p? 
Then get designing and get DIYing and create your own one in the world bag/accessorie.

Hope you all like, comment and leave me your post of DIY, be col to check out other ideas! 


  1. I just love how vintage this looks and definitely one of a kind!

    xx D

  2. This is gorgeous! Loving studs and crosses at the moment, this didn't even cross my mind!
    Popping to primark for a cheap bag like that! I'll let you know what mine looks like, might be very similar though ;) hehe
    Erica xo

  3. i love this idea!

    hannah @