Saturday, 14 July 2012

London baby.

Hello readers! Firstly sorry for the utter lack of blogging...
I got an internship in London and left Wales last Saturday, I felt extremely guilty leaving home in Wales as my mum is quite poorly right now and I can't actually believe I teared up and got homesick in probably 10 minutes of leaving my home haha yup I'm the baby of the family and it goes to show even though I'm 23...

About this placement... I managed to land this wonderful opportunity as an intern at studio xag, a company specialising in prop making. (check out their stuff, truly amazing).
Today is Saturday so I've been there for 5 days and I'm 101% certain this is the career area I want to pursue. It's just incredible work, it fits in with the current design skills I have and also I've learnt so many new things on illustrator in the past 5 days! The team is so friendly, always willing to help and made me feel so comfortable. Just so much fun!

I realise a lot of people always ask me how I land these opportunities, so here just a few personal tips from experience...

Firstly I think it's important to have either an online portfolio or something to demonstrate your skills. I currently just use tumblr but soon when I have a few extra pieces I want to get a proper website up. Always put only your best work up, even if it's 3 or 4 pieces, quality not quantity, no-one is going to care about the crappy projects you did. They want to see how good you are and see the potential.

Secondly, make sure you have an interest in the area you want to do an internship for, otherwise you will just be bored! I did another internship before with Rosita Bonita, a handmade jewellery designer and illustrator. Again had a brilliant time, learnt a lot from her because I had interest in the organisation. I have had previous jobs that I've just dreaded going to because I found it boring, crap and just totally didn't want to be there!

Thirdly research the occupation, what skills are required? Do you have them? You don't need to be a pro but just basic knowledge is good and you can always improve and learn more interning! That's the whole point. Experience and learning! Just make sure your getting something out the internship and your not just doing someone's Mickey mouse work for free like tidying the stock cupboard.

Fourth, okay I haven't actually done this so I should take my own advice. Direct mail. I personally LOVE snail mail. And if it's interesting you get yourselves noticed. I dont mean write a letter like how you are taught so in primary school, bog standard white printing paper, address aligned to the right, dear sir/madam. No no no. That will go in the bin. To be honest I emailed the people I got I internship with and I was lucky enough for these lovely people to actually open my email and click the link I provided... But I totally agree when creatives say what makes you stand out from another 1000 different email applicants apart from the email address. Not all companies will be arsed to open an mail subjecting "internship" companies are busy all the time and not got time to reply to every applicant! Although if you feel more comfortable applying over email, this is a tip my sister gave, call them over the phone a few days after you send them an email and ask if they had chance to open your email. You got them on the phone and they can't really be like "got to go, bye" well they can, but pretty rude and unprofessional. Which they won't do! I spent probably a lot longer finding opportunities like this than I should have and probably would have got more and at a faster pace if I had used my own advice and produced some smashing direct mail to send and get noticed.

Well I am no pro but this is all I found that helps... Hope this helps you guys!! If you wanna ask me anything feel free to contact me:)

Im staying with my best mate which already lives in London with her brother and on my arrival we made a TO DO list... which we will be adding to so keep posted and ANY recommendations will be really appreciated.

So on the Sunday me and my best friend decided to do some face masks which smelt so powerfully of chocolate but it looked gross and like umm well you can probably guess... Haha but after 20 minutes of looking like I was smothered in poo. My skin was super moisturised, definitely recommend this mask if you are experiencing dry skin!

I've been shopping in Stratford Westfields shopping center a lot as I'm staying very close by! So absolutely dreading it when Olympics start because I change at Stratford and onto the Central line to get to work! Already, during rush hour I already feel like its so tight spacing I may as well be kissing the person in front of me! so can't even imagine how it's going to be like next week! argh!

Me and Sarah I met from work! Thanks for inviting me to this gig :) 
Lovely Impressive Gwyneth we met in XOYO
XOYO set list
On Thursday night, I went to a venue called XOYO in Old Street for a gig with a girl I met from work! So we got to the door and a girl stopped us and asked if we was buying tickets for the gig, then offered us her spare ticket! We got talking and she was SO impressive, she was a musician, professionally playing the harp. She does concerts, travels a lot, loves and exceedingly passionate about what she does. Inspiring and totes jealous of her!
So the gig was 'chilled' electro music, which is something I don't really know about at all as I'm quite a cheesy/indie music type of girl but I thought its quite cool to explore and I end up loving the music and having a great time! The venue was awesome and the music was fun, the night would have been better if I didn't have work the next day as I would have got more drunk and danced like an idiot. haha
I never heard of these DJs before but my favourite of the night was 'Nosaj Thing' I added a little video clip of it, what you guys think??


  1. Sounds like you're having a fab time in London - Rush hour is a nightmare i agree! xx

  2. your a londoner enjoy your internship!!