Saturday, 30 June 2012

Sleep Tight, Don't let the bed bugs bite

Hey readers... This week I've been poorly so not done much to blog about... started to feel better yesterday though so dragged my lazy ass to the gym yesterday and today, killed myself on the cross runners... god do I HATE those things!! but I very proudly must tell I managed to force myself and did 40 minutes and burnt 300 calories on it before switching to the treadmill which by this point I was exhausted so I just ran for 20 minutes burning another 200 and called it a day... it was definitely food then nap time for me.
...I was bored and made a GIF before nodding off ha. 
I have a really bad sleeping problem at night time, I don't really understand why, but I wake up every 3 hours! and thats without fail, I've been like this for about 10 years... so I haven't had a full night sleep for that long which has caused really bad panda eyes :( I use a lot of concealer if you are thinking 'you can't see anything' anyone else suffer from bad sleeping? I could use any advice

Tonight I went to watch Ice Age 4 and oh my god, it was bloody brilliant! please everyone go watch it, I laughed literally from the start to the very end even the little 'simpsons' short film supporting it, I loved it! and I don't usually like the simpsons!

Night Night Everyone, Sweet Dreams x


  1. I want to see Ice Age 4 so badly, it looks brilliant from the adverts! wow you go girl doing all of that at the gym, I admire you!!
    I have a lot of sleeping problems but more that I can't fall asleep - I usually pop my ipod on and I always read before I go to bed so that I'm more tired :)
    Love Holz oxo

  2. You were sleepy but u had time to sit there and create a gif!? lol!

    1. i was in bed and going through my phone :D why not :D

  3. Awhh, hope you get well soon!
    I'm like that as well! I sometimes wake up every 3 hours and it's so annoying. I can't help but go back to sleep again and again.
    Love your makeup in the GIF.