Saturday, 9 June 2012

My new Business cards

Hello all!

Sorry for the complete neglect of posts this week! I have definitely missed you.
I've been pretty busy with my design life lately. I have had some people ask me to design some stuff for them and also been designing day and night to build up my portfolio, I'm still in the middle of making it but will post photos up when it's done!

I also decided to design and get some business cards printed, WHICH BY THE WAY, I have the biggest treat for you guys... look what I found! 

50 FREE business cards with, all you need to pay is the shipping which is £3.90. I have seen their work and the quality is top notch, fast delivery and great services. They even let you submit up to 50 designs for no extra charge!! get ordering here (

1 comment:

  1. Your business card is looking so nice. It is good that you use a light color in it. With it the customer who sees your business card they liked it so much.

    Semper Fi Chicago printing