Monday, 4 June 2012

My First Camping Experience

So this weekend I went to Clytha Fest, this would be my first proper time at a festival as well as my first time camping!
When we first got there I like to have the whole wide world know I helped put up the tent. Not that I contributed much but I still helped peg down the rooms, oh how very proud I am... For you that know me may find this hard to believe so I have picture evidence!
The weather started out fine, we drank, we played drinking games and we played rounders... (for argument sake we drew... haha) by this point it was an awesome day but then it started to rain, when I say rain, I mean it pissed it down.
Some went off to explore and others stayed in the tent.  A little later some girls went home as some was unwell and the weather was bit of a downer.
I was left alone with Desha, one of my best mates in the tent for a few hours so we drank,  we stuffed our faces, we chatted and we gradually nearly nodded off but then we was woken up by Charlie, my nutcase of a friend who persuades us to hit the pub with her and the other 'explorers' which was really fun and kinda wished me and Desha had went with them in the first place as we most probably would have been twice as drunk... but maybe not as drunk as birthday girl Bethan H haha which was drunk and in absolute agony as we very shamefully attempted to give her the birthday bumps ( which you will see in one of the photos) but instead it was a birthday drop and she fell straight onto the floor, completely insuring her ass. oops.... Sorry beth... in my defence I was too busy taking photos and I wasn't actually one of the ones holding the blanket.
I bought Bethan a pretty top from Topshop and a card designed by me (see pic above.)

Apart from the weather and the very uncomfortable sleeping (with a Desha on my arm) it was really fun to see the girls, catch up, drink, play games, mess around, banter, and all the other things we did that caused laughter and smiles.
But I can probably almost guarantee I wont ever camp in these conditions again!

So again, Happy Birthday Bethan! Hope you had a wicked birthday and that your ass heals very soon! (sorry again!)

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  1. Thank you for the really sweet comment on my blog the other day! Meanwhile, your camping trip sounds fun! I myself really dislike camping, hah. I have a fear of spiders & just a general dislike of sleeping on the ground. >.<
    Thanks again!
    -Zie Darling