Monday, 4 June 2012

Family BBQ

Last week I didn't blog as much as I was busy enjoying the beautiful weather! Now its pouring down with rain and its all gloomy out I'm back indoors blogging. 
So last Tuesday we had a family BBQ at my aunties house down the road. 
Was an awesome day, apart from the fact food took about 40 minutes to cook and then 5 minutes for me to stuff it... so after one round on the BBQ, me being a madam, just like my mummy, we sat indoors waiting for my dad to bring us food :D just the way i like it...
In the meantime, as some of you may know, my sister (kakabeautyblog) was busy baking her boyfriend a lovely birthday cake (read all about it here) with help and guidance from my cousin, the most AMAZING home made cake baker, little cake house or visit her Facebook page here (and i mean if you are into cake baking you have got to check out her cakes, its a must and i can actually promise you, you wont be disappointed)

Hope you all enjoyed the weather like I did!

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  1. I like the collage! :) Yes my cake! All my blood, sweat and tears went into that cake! Quite literally LOL