Saturday, 2 June 2012

I LOVED today.

Me and Sian at our 'joint' 21st Birthday dressed as 'robbers' (2009)

A Surprise cake I ordered from for Siany (2010)
Me, Siany, my other lovely ex housemate Matty.

TODAY with my lovely Alfie.

Tonight I met up my ex housemate from uni, Sian was one of the 4 other housemates, well 5 included Alfie her dog, which I got very attached too, in Sians words I was his "second mammy". I was super upset when we finished U and had to move away from each other! 
We lived together for the last 2 years of uni, but during the first year, she only lived in the next block of halls, and if she wasn't in my room, I'd be in hers. 

She studied the same course as me so we grew closer and closer! We went to the same classes, did the same projects, did the all nighters together, we basically was like sisters... Literally. We argued, we made up and both still close as ever. I havent seen her since graduation back in November which is ridiculous because we live so close to one another! Also not seen Alfie since October? 

So today as we parked the cars, As soon as the car door opens, Alfie saw me, smelt me, heared me ran and jumped and was just so excited... I really really missed him so!

So we went in to the pub to have diner, we was there from 7:00pm - 10:30pm chatting non stop, just lik old times! Oh how I missed her... I actually cant figure out who I missed more, her or Alfie (I know you are gonna read about this Miss G, and I'm sorry but its true, I loved you both lol)

I'm sorry guys, stupid me forgot to take a pic of me and Sian tonight but I have however added a few pic of us when we was in uni together :) 

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