Thursday, 24 May 2012

Geek it UP!

Okay, so yes, people that kinda wear "fake" glasses have been called DICKHEADS, and I probably have said that myself, but I guess none of that stopped me buying a pair hahaha...

I remember going to the opticians with my mum as she needed new glasses, and being a typical annoying 10 year old I tried everything I could reach on. I tried on one particular pair, which I think was ADIDAS? (yes ok, I may have been a "chav" back in my younger days, whatever, I'm over it now, lol) and since that  day I always wanted to wear glasses. 
I recall my next eye test after that day, and I believe the optician says "absolutely perfect eyes..." great. thanks mate. 

So yes, as much as I feel like a dickhead wearing fakes, in my defence I wanted glasses when I was 10. :D does that make me a tiny bit less of an idiot? no? 

I realise the hairstyle and the photo colour make me look Russian, that wasn't my intention.

I took an outfit photo but will add that on my OOTW on Friday :) 


  1. Haha amazing! You look mental! :) and also a little bit like Wednesday from the Adams Family LOL

  2. You look gorgeous in the glasses dear!! Lovin' it :)

  3. The only reason I can think of that people wearing fake glasses might be dickheads is because they can afford to buy more pairs than I can because they don't have to put in special lenses. If I weren't blind as a bat, I'd probably have a billion pairs.

    1. hahaha that comment made laugh Nikkiana! lol i really wana wear them today with my outfit but its toooo sunny, i think im gona have to opt for the sunglasses.