Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Old Wives Tails - SOS Anti Hair Loss Oil Treatment Review

Hello all, I haven't blogged for so long! Just been a bit busy with a new job and also went on holidays to Gran Caneria which by the way, if you haven't been yet and looking for a 101% chilled out relaxing holiday, then I suggest there, it was absolutely perfect.

Anyway back to this blog post, so you may of already noticed the words "Hair Loss," just to be clear this product isn't for hair loss, this is a treatment for people who suffer from a dry scalp, Old Wives Tails has designed a SOS treatment that will help moisturise and soften your scalp preventing hair loss. 

Directions are quite simple:
Massage over scalp and hair, leave in for an hour and lastly wash out with water and shampoo, then style normally.

However they suggest for best results to leave the treatment in your hair overnight before washing out, however I didn't have enough time today so I quickly applied the product evenly through my hair and across my scalp and I just left it for an hour,  I used this hour to chill out, watch some 'Mr Selfridge' and painted my nails, haha.  Make sure you wrap your hair in a warm towel for better results.

The oil is quite runny so do be careful when applying! The smell is quite strong but not to over powering, smelt minty so when applied on scalp it felt instantly refreshing. 
After an hour, I washed my hair as per usual with my shampoo and warm water, one negative and probably the only negative issue I would raise is the fact that oil might be quite stubborn to get out so it took 3 washes before I felt the oil was completely washed out.

However, the results were great, my scalp felt refreshed and my hair looked a lot shiner, as soon as I dried my hair the results were definitely noticeable.

I think it will take a few washes before I can rate the product but based on first impressions I would most definitely be using this again to see further results.

I have only tried the SOS but 'Old Wives Tail' also offer repairing masks and other treatments for dry, frizzy, thick hair etc, definitely go check them out over at www.oldwivestail.com and see what other products they offer that may suit your hair type! 

Thank you,

Sunday, 29 June 2014


Hello Hello readers!
Today I am literally going to the quickest post ever, busy bee lately... quick update on my life. As you are all aware I quit my job back a few months ago and set off to Hong Kong for 5 weeks with my dad for a few reasons, one to keep dad company, two to visit my sister who at the time was living out there, and three just to clear my head and have a breather away from reality. During my time in HK, it was fab but it was definitely time to come home and face the truth and to create the next chapter of my life and ensuring it would be a positive one!

So since coming back to HK, what have I done? firstly I HATE to admit this but I had gained a ridiculous amount of weight during my travels so I started a healthy balanced diet with 'Herbalife' which if you are looking to start this, my personal opinion, is that its great, easy to follow and great distributors to help you along the way! I been on 'Herbalife for about 7-8 weeks now and have lost approximately 12lbs... Just another 12 to go lol, good luck to me.

I also landed a great job, I only started this week but I am now a Field VM and currently training between Cardiff and London for the next 5-6 weeks... so far its been a massive challenge as I'm not a very confident driver but I have managed to drive from London back to Wales, quite proud of that!

That's it, that's life to date.
Back to this OOTD...

Today I am wearing:
Top // Urban Outfitters
Inside vest // Forever 21
Trousers // Topshop
Bag // Therapy at House of Fraser
Trainers // Nike Air Max 1
Necklace // Vivienne Westwood
Bangle // Chapel

Okay, first I admit I am no girl into sports. In fact I hardly care about it, ok fine, I don't care about it... but doesn't mean I can't like sport fashion looks though right? So as "Sports Luxe" is currently in, and theres lots of sports happening right now in the world I thought I would create my own little sporty look...

Teamed up a simple loose sleeve vest top with these joggers, to give a girly but still sporty I wore a floral crop underneath. As it's sports theme, I went for my Nike Air max and completing the look with accessories I decided to go for a vintage feel bag to create some personality my favourite jewellery piece, my necklace.

I admit, I have been living in these trainers, they practically go with everything and hey are super comfy! I am definitely going to invest in more colours! Definitely shoes of the month for me!

My necklace... oh how I love her. I'm not much of a designer girl but I can't help but fall in love with Vivienne Westwood designs, she is actually incredible, might be a little on the weird/strange side but I cannot fault her uniqueness. I love her, and I LOVE my necklace... May of spent a little more than I usually would on a necklace but I don't care, its beautiful. So, yes we established, I love VW.

Make up wise, I went for the typical black liner red lips look, as I always feel a bit more energetic when I do this look, something about red lips that makes me feel a bit more "lively". My hair, not going to lie, I curled my hair the day before with tongs and when the next day the curls looks a bit more natural and flowly so I didn't have to re-style.

Friday, 6 June 2014

Etude House BB Cream Review

Happy Friday everyone! What have you all got planned this weekend?

Well as I have been slacking on the beauty side of things on my blog and with the lovely bright day light beaming through my room, I jumped to the chance to blog about the BB cream I have been using for the past 2 years. 

Many of my friends and a lot of you bloggers on Sunday #bbloggers chat seems to be really interested in what are the best foundations. Well I thought I share with you all my little treasure...

Firstly I wanted to show you why I personally choose to wear foundation and talk a bit about my skin which pictures can't really demonstrate as well. I actually suffer from eczema and very minor psoriasis which causes my skin to be dry at times and also very sensitive, especially when I am having a "bad skin day" these days tend to appear every few weeks where my face will dry up quite badly! So although in the bare faced pictures below my skin looks fine I think every girl have their likes and dislikes about themselves so I have highlighted the parts where I feel I would like to cover up...

2 years ago I got introduced to 'Etude House' by lovely beauty blogger KakaBeautyblog, which also happens to be my sister lol. She was more interested in the face masks, lipsticks and eyeshadows, etc...
but when I went to visit the store in HK the first thing that caught my eye was this BB cream. 
Since BB cream was introduced by Korea I always preferred it over foundation. Although BB cream is just as thick as foundation and the coverage I believe is better, I honestly feel on my face it feels a ton lighter and also my skin is able to breathe through it!

Okay, it was really hard trying to capture a decent half face before and after, but I did try my best to demonstrate to you the before and after... In the photo above, if you look closer at the parts I previously highlighted, with just a small amount of Etude House BB cream I have managed to cover up a great percentage of the bags and darkness! 
If you're struggling to the the difference in the above pic please scroll for more before and afters.

My circles are my main hate so I concentrate a little more on these by using concealer and gently dabbing it in, then adding another thin later of BB cream.

REMEMBER: blend into the neck... it't not a good look when your face and neck is 2 different shades!

I can't really big up this product anymore than I have really. I don't think I will ever go back to foundation, I love this product so much, I think it must get my vote for product of the year!  
I was lucky that I was visiting Hong Kong at the time so managed to purchase in store but if you are interested in buying this product then I have had a look online to see where you can purchase and provided a link below! Please let me know if you decide to try it out! 

So to complete the look I have simply just drawn over my eyebrows making them more defined and dark, used a blushed brush and added on some cheek colour, brushed over nose, forehead and chin with a bronzer and last but not least applied a simple natural pink to the lips.

Products I used for this post:

Etude House BB Cream // No. W24
Lush Colour Supplement (as concealer) // Light Pink
MAC Mineralize Skin Finish // Dark
Lily & LoLo Mineral Bronzer // Waikiki
Kiko Lipstick // 517 Neon Pink

Thanks for reading girls and maybe boys!

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Lash Away - False Eyelashes Review

Now that summer is creeping I love a bit of pampering and love to feel good and enjoy the sun. Perfect timing for a company called 'TMART' to contact me asking me to review these false lashes. Tmart is pretty much an online shop which offers you everything. From beauty to fashion pieces all the way through to electronics and much more. Browsing through their site, I think everything is very reasonable priced so go check them out!

So back to my review... At first glance I thought "woah" those eyelashes are super heavy but after gluing them on I started to enjoy the fact my natural 5mm eyelashes has now tripled, lol.
Although these eyelashes are heavier than one's I usually go for, I definitely will still wear these, especially on a night out with the girls. I'm not sure about you girls, but when I have eyelashes on I somehow feel a little more confident, don't really know why.

Make sure you cut your eyelashes to size girls, if not the sides can end up poking you in the corners of your eyes and they become really uncomfortable! As long as you apply them properly you shouldn't have much of an issue! These ones from Tmart come very cheap in fact cheaper than cheap, these were £8.45 for 70 pairs! I will leave a link below of the exact style I have but do have a good browse on there as they offer a huge range of different styles!
These were super easy to apply, and the quality was good! If you fancy, you can apply a touch of mascara! I only applied a small amount because these were volumed enough as they were!

These didn't come with a glue but even if they did, I always use either Eylure glue or like I have done for this particular post Eyelene, Lash Studio lash Adhesive. I got this from Asda for £2.98 again ridiculously cheap and it will last you forever, the glue comes out pretty runny but dries super quick!

Direct Links to products:
Eye Lashes 
Eye Lash Adhesive 

TIP: A lot of people laugh at me but I honestly find this MUCH easier... After you apply a thin layer of glue onto the false eyelash strip, get a hairdryer on its lowest power and literally hover it over the false lash for 5-10 seconds, I find when the glue is slightly heated it sticks a hell of a lot easier! Try it, let me know how you get on!  

For the rest of this look I used:
Etude House BB cream // No.24
Sleek eyebrow Kit // Dark 818
Rimmel Glam' Eyes // Black
Urban Decay 24/7 glide on pencil // Rockstar
Edude House Soft Touch Lip Pencil // 7502
MAC Mineralize Skin Finish // Dark

That's all folks! Hope you enjoyed reading! 

Monday, 2 June 2014


Long time no see, I am back from HK and I return with a Father's Day blogger challenge hosted by Mainline Menswear. The team contacted me asking if I was interested in this competition and without having to think I agreed, I just knew it would be so much fun, which I hope this blog post demonstrates to you just how much fun... hahaha! 

So for all you's reading this and interested in taking part then please do hurry as deadline is Friday 6th June! 
Terms and conditions:

  • Post a retro/old photo of you and your dad (the cuter/funnier/cooler the better!)
  • Create an outfit for your Dad using images available on the Mainline Menswear website
  • Publish it on your blog, explaining why you think your dad deserves the £250 to spend at Mainline Menswearhttp://www.mainlinemenswear.co.uk/ (or maybe why he really needs a makeover)
  • Post a link to your entry in the comment section underneath this blog post, and tweet it to @MainlineMen in order for us to see that you’ve entered!
  • The lucky winner will be interviewed after and featured on the Mainline Blog!
  • The closing date for this competition is Friday 6th June; the winner will be notified shortly after in time for a Father's Day treat!

For more information please visit HERE.


How COOL is my dad back in the 70's?! haha. So why do I think Dad desperately needs a make over? simply because he was once upon a time fashionable but he some how gradually lost this cool stylish in trend look and became a boring man in his plain polo tops and jogging bottoms... 
why oh why and how oh how did this happen?

Okay, I am highly embarrassed of posting this next picture up of me and dad but I really really don't have many old/retro pics of us together! When I was a kid my parents was always busy working, not much time for family days out so this is one of the only ones I could find... yes yes...
I am ASHAMED of my hair... 

Dad holding me with my two elder sisters
So..! Let's bring back the cool smartness in dad, here is what I came up with...

I teamed up a smart white shirt with a pair of chinos as dad isn't much of  "Jeans" fan and to be worn on top a nice not too plain and not too "young" thin dip dye knitwear. To complete the look, oh yes, I had to go for Dr, Marts, can't go wrong with a true classic piece, they made a hit in the 90s and throughout the years they still manage to be exceedingly fashionable and popular! LOVE.

So all this looks great together but the question is: How will it look on dad... 
Lets see...

Bloody Gorgeous in my opinion. Haha! 

Thank you so much Mainline for inviting me to join this wicked competition!
Good Luck to all that are taking part! 

Lastly if you love my blog, please could you spare 2 minutes and nominate me for the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards 2014. I would super appreciate your time and vote!

You can nominate me for 'best established fashion blog' over at Cosmopolitan website HERE.

Thank you guys! Love Always, Lea